ISI Training Center

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PO Box 6528
Houston, TX 77265-6528

Phone: (866) 586-4949
Fax: (713) 781-0642
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ISI has trained members of all US military branches including some of the most elite SWAT teams in the country. ISI’s advanced tactical training is based on the integration of techniques and best practices from the US and Israel. While courses and security services offered by ISI may be similar in name to others, they differ in that they are based on decades of Israeli experience and employ new and proven techniques that U.S. teams have not have otherwise been exposed to. Our training complements U.S. training and that by having new and alternative techniques in their “toolbox”. ISI’s trainees come out with two critical advantages – a better ability to effectively achieve their mission objectives and increased survivability. We bring fresh eyes to standard training and security practices. This approach allows us to spot vulnerabilities, upgrade and enhance the skill set of both the individual and team to make them better and save lives. We have extensive experience and proven tactics of methods that have been developed out of lessons learned from the necessity to effectively respond to the continuous threats that our country faces. By sharing these tactics in a spirit of cooperation, it is our hope that through integrated training we can help elevate the war fighter to the highest operational capability in the world.

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