iThinQware is a software development company dedicated to better educating Americans by delivering reliable communications tools that help law enforcement agencies empower, inform, educate, motivate and interact with the community at large. With a mix of closed, open and combination data warehouses, the company’s products allow law enforcement to deliver information to the right audiences, in the right format, via the right communications method. To illustrate, consider how reports on a single common crime – the burglary of a residence – would be handled by: A secure, closed communications module available only to law enforcement displays all available information about the crime, the suspect and the victim from forensic data to witness statements. Defined groups (investigating officers, patrol officers in a defined area, supervisors, etc.) can receive alerts when new information is added to the case file and investigators can set up discussion groups or email lists to pool information, theories and thoughts on the crime. An open communications module managed by law enforcement displays selected information to the general public.

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