Retirement, investments and survivor benefit advice and services for LEOs The Law Enforcement Group helps active, pre-retired and retired officers understand, reinforce and enhance their retirement, investments and survivor benefits. With pension reform and ever an changing investment market many officers are confused with not only their department's retirement plan but with their additional investments such as 401(k), 457 deferred compensation, ROTH and IRA plans. The Law Enforcement Group can help you understand your various plans and investments and show you methods that may help to protect them from market downturns and fluctuations as well as providing a strategy for long term growth. In addition, we provide a long list of high quality investment and insurance products designed specifically for the unique needs of LEOs including life insurance strategies designed to replace an officer's income for their loved one's in the event of an end-of-watch. The Law Enforcement Group works with federal, state, county and city departments.

Products and Services

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