Kirintec is an agile business specialising in the design and production of innovative security technology. At the heart of Kirintec is an experienced group of specialists with a deep and broad understanding of all aspects of internal security. Kirintec is a private company formed to identify and address issues faced by police, military, and special forces in combating terrorism and criminal threats in their homelands and overseas. We have all, in the past, either helped build some of the bigger companies in this industry or spent time at the sharp end dealing with operational issues while serving. So now have moved on to a stage in our collective careers where we combine user and engineering experience in a way that allows us to address issues in an innovative way. he Kirintec team have an unrivalled knowledge of Internal Security applications and have in-depth experience in Surveillance, Search and EOD/IEDD. We have an intimate understanding of the equipment that Police, Customs and Military teams need, what they actually have, and how they use it. We understand perfectly that each country has their own methods and that they make unique demands on their equipment. This expertise informs our search for innovative technology which makes users more effective and allows them to complete their tasks in safety.

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