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The Professional Security Training Series provides performance focused online training solutions that help security and law enforcement personnel maintain safety for the people and the infrastructure they are tasked to protect. Courses also enable security companies to better manage critical risk threats. The interactive courseware delivers to your security staff an accelerated track to address assignments and the ever present threat of the emergency call. The series covers topics suitable for many diverse environments including workplace security, healthcare security, shopping center security, campus security, casino security, unarmed security, private security, hospital security, security management and more. The Professional Security Training Series consists of four Learning Plans: Security Patrol Officer 1 Learning Plan; Security Patrol Officer 2 Learning; Plan; Security Supervisor Learning Plan; and Security Manager Learning Plan. The engaging training design of the Professional Security Training Series emphasizes the use of real-world video, interactive learning techniques and comprehensive tracking to ensure active employee participation, retention and critical incident management. The flexible delivery model for learning plan design, delivery, testing, tracking, reporting and communication works with any learning management system (LMS).

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