MT2 Firing Range Services is recognized industry wide for being the nation’s #1 largest professional provider of the full scale of outdoor and indoor gun range cleaning, environmental, maintenance and construction design/build services…not selling range equipment! We have a Lead Management Plan that gets the job done right the 1st time with zero-tolerance for regulatory violations at over 2,500 ranges nationwide for Law Enforcement, Military and Commercial ranges in all 50 states. No one reclaims more lead or finishes a project faster than MT2! Clients who work with us have the peace of mind that their project will be effortlessly scheduled, successfully completed with minimal down-time for their range, and quickly receive a check for the absolute highest value for their reclaimed lead! MT2 guarantees to pay the highest percent of LME lead value at time of service – no one pays more than MT2! Now in our 19th year in business, MT2 Firing Range Services is a recent Inc. 5,000 fastest growing company and is the ONLY contractor who is the premier all-in-one solution for firing range lead maintenance and reclamation who also provides the fully integrated combination of design and build construction services. MT2 is the only properly-licensed firing range contractor able to treat lead-impacted soil in California. MT2 is sought after industry-wide to advise top ranges as well as federal and state organizations on structuring their approach for their firing range lead reclamation with Best Management Practices. MT2’s extensive list of clients includes over 500 law enforcement agencies such as NYPD, State Departments of Corrections, and the US Military. Since 2006, MT2 has been implementing a BMP Program for lead management and maintenance that successfully reduces lead hazards at the NYPD training range where over 40,000 officers and recruits train annually. The NYPD BMP Program includes removal and recycling of lead bullets and bullet fragments; sampling, analysis and monitoring of soil and groundwater conditions; and chemically converting potential leachable lead fines remaining in range soils utilizing MT2’s patented ECOBOND® lead treatment technologies so that treated soils are considered non-hazardous and can be replaced back onto range berms.

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