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With 37+ years of leadership in radio control, locational intelligence and situational awareness, data management and custom OEM-friendly engineering expertise, IDA is leading industry’s next gen digital ecosystem development. Our turnkey wireless infrastructure solution provides mission-critical, data-driven, Big Data / M2M / IoT / applications using software-defined data radios, base stations, network edge devices and nationwide data network. Increasing your efficiency, productivity and manageability is our goal. IDA’s Model 24-69 is an industry unique IP radio remote control technology engineered to provide seamless manageability of both analog and digital infrastructures at half the price. Further our Model 24-66 IP controller with P25-enabled Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI) provides advanced yet easy-to-use IP integration and radio control functionality for our client’s mission-critical applications. Leveraging embedded GPS of digital radios and P25 / OEM specific network protocols, IDA’s Next Gen Location Services, using our native TrakIt technology and industry unique TiDE (universal data management platform), offers enterprise-class, cloud-based, device-agnostic, database-dependent, budget-friendly subscription-based Asset Tracking and Situational Awareness management solutions for highest return on investment of our client’s digital radio network.

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