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Company type: Manufacturer


7501 Commerce Dr.
Weston, WI 54476

Phone: (715) 355-8842
Fax: (715) 355-8942
Email: [email protected]


CTech Manufacturing is a premium storage solution manufacturer, specializing in lightweight aluminum carts, cabinets, and drawers for various industries. CTech utilizes state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing technologies with a team of dedicated skilled employees to produce quality products in Central Wisconsin. Featuring our MotionLatchTM handle, CTech has rained the reputation of the most respected mobile storage solution company in the business. The one hand – one motion operation is the smoothest on the market and allows for drawer opening and closure from anywhere on the handle, one finger free, and a hand full of tools. Specializing in all aluminum carts, cabinets, drawers, and tactical cabinets in various industries. CTech listens to their customers and provides products where they need them which helps us deliver new and innovative solutions every day. From major race teams to global energy companies, our people, technology, and engineering practices allow us to continue this trend of innovation.

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