The Guardian™ S is a premier surveillance and inspection tool that carries multiple sensor payloads, sending real-time information to the human operator while keeping them out of harm’s way. Ideally suited for public safety and defense applications, the Guardian S robot delivers extended run times and long-range wireless operations, making inspections and remote surveillance more safe and effective than ever before. It can be tele-operated from miles away, reliably traversing challenging terrain, climbing stairs or passing through narrow culverts and pipes. The Guardian S offers tactical operations teams complete situational awareness with two-way data and audio, unparalleled run and surveillance times, GPS, IMU and 360 degree color, high resolution camera coverage. Optional sensors can be connected via USB ports or Picatinny rail. Whether searching for victims in collapsed or unstable structures, detecting poisonous materials or facilitating routine inspections; the Guardian S conquers the most complex and hazardous terrain without personal risk.

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