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HD Barcode, LLC is a solutions developer, integrator, and provider of proprietary barcoding technologies. With over 30 years of experience implementing advanced systems, HD Barcode has become a trusted source for turnkey and customizable barcoding solutions that increase security measures, secures products, and prevents supply chains from becoming compromised. HD IrisCheck – HD Barcode, LLC and Iritech Corporation have partnered to introduce HD IrisCheck; the world’s first smart ID card with the ability to store biometric iris data, photo, and descriptive details embedded in an individual’s personal identi¬cation (ID) card on a secure 2D barcode called HD Barcode. Even in the event there’s a loss of communication and/or power failure, authorized personnel are able to instantly verify one’s identi¬cation with HD IrisCheck. HD Secure Evidence – Police Evidence and Authentication Solutions, create encrypted, embed image and text of evidence in the code. Apply & Seal with industrial label material with secure HD Barcode printed.

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