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OPS-COM’s license plate recognition (LPR) system is an all-in-one solution for your team to read and identify license plates for parking and security enforcement.The OPS-COM ANPR system can help you decrease overhead costs for permitting and enforcement, and create an easier way to manage your parking and violations strategy. The considerable benefits of License Plate Recognition include: Decreased overhead costs through virtual permitting and reduced patrolling resources Increased revenue through improved compliance, fewer scofflaws, and easier violation identification Better parking management with improved access to limited parking spaces Enhanced customer experiences with gate-less entry options for better access to spaces The license plate recognition system at OPS-COM is a complete package. You do not require system integrations from multiple vendors or the costs of multiple licensing fees. Data captured by the cameras is cross-referenced with all of your OPS-COM permitting and violation data so appropriate notifications and actions can be taken. ParkAdmin confirms if a vehicle has a valid permit ViolationAdmin identifies any outstanding fines or the need to issue a violation IncidentAdmin notifies security if a vehicle of interest is identified as in tagged for SCOFFLAW or BOLO

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