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Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) was founded in 1994 with a mission to bring work place automation, safety solutions, and inspection best practices to the commercial vehicle, and enforcement industries in North America. Since then, VIS has become the market leader in brake, suspension, and steering testing equipment as well as wheel and rim safety. Vehicle Inspection Systems combines its innovative equipment with exceptional customer service, proven business development methods, on-site implementation, safety training, and performance measurement. VIS helps make inspections and other services more efficient, resulting in lower vehicle operating and maintenance cost. VIS’s goal is for its customers to improve their overall vehicle and shop safety, remain competitive in their industry, achieve higher customer satisfaction, and increase profitability. Headquartered in Orlando, FL, VIS is the manufacturer and distributor of maintenance and safety equipment including: the VIS-Check performance based brake tester (PBBT) and road simulator, the VIS-Polish automated robotic wheel polishing machine, and the BrakeMate™ disc brake maintenance tool.

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