JW Fishers Manufacturing Co.

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Company type: Manufacturer


1953 County St.
East Taunton, MA 02718

Phone: 50882273330
Foreign Phone: (508) 880-8949


JW Fishers are specialists in the design and manufacture of underwater search systems. Their product line includes hand held and boat towed metal detectors, marine magnetometers, video systems. side scan sonars, and scanning sonar. An extensive line of underwater cameras is offered that includes ROVs, towed video, drop video, diver-held camera, and a mini camera. Added to the array of products are acoustic pingers, a pinger receiver, sonar transponder, sonar interrogator, cable tracking system, and a pipe tracker. The list of products is quickly expanding with the addition of Fishers' newest product, the Sub Bottom Profiler. With over 40 years of industry experience, JW Fishers has established a reputation for supplying high quality, reasonably priced underwater search systems. This equipment in use by law enforcement agencies, military units, professional treasure hunters and commercial diving companies worldwide. Each and every product is backed by an exclusive 2 year warranty.

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