Core Defense Solutions

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25691 Atlantic Ocean Drive
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Phone: (949) 734-7273
Email: [email protected]


CORE Defense Solutions is a product of evolution stemming originally from a training company dedicated to supporting our fellow brothers and sisters in arms. As the training division expanded it became apparent through observation and repeated customer requests the need to identify specific products to solve critical problems. In most cases we were able to identify the proper solutions, however, in situations where there was no “off the shelf” solution we would either design and develop our own or work with our partners to modify specific items, thus customizing the proper innovative solution for our customers. Our pro shop, located in Lake Forest, California, is open to LE officers and Falcon Operations Alumni. Here you can find all the gear necessary for the field or discuss innovative ideas for us to develop products to keep you and your brothers and sisters in uniform safe. We are open Monday-Friday, 8-5.

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