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W6279 County Road F
Brownsville, WI 53006
United States

Phone: 920-583-2491
Fax: 920-583-2332
Email: [email protected]


Drive Smart, Drive Safe, Save a Life. Started by a veteran law enforcement officer in 1995, Drunk Busters of America is the #1 source for impairment goggles. Ten different styles of goggles are available. They include five that simulate various BAC levels, the Cannabis Goggle, the Drug Goggle, the Ecstasy/Molly/LSD Goggle, the Snooze Drowsy and Distracted Goggle, and the Red-Eye Drowsy and Distracted Goggle. Every goggle is backed with a 5-year warranty, and Drunk Busters Goggles are being used in over 120 countries. Drunk Busters Pedal Karts have been available since 2007, and they are backed with a full 1 year warranty. Also available are a Field Sobriety Test Mat, the Drunk Busters Challenge Activity Mat, Stop Drop and Roll Vests, and traffic safety cones.

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