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Company type: Manufacturer

9222 Beach Drive SW, Unit 5
Calabash, NC 28467

Phone: 800-661-3515
Fax: 980-207-1853
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Track Star is a leading producer of professional grade GPS related software products for the Public Safety market. Founded in 2000, Track Star produces on-premise and SaaS GPS software solutions that meet the unique requirements of law enforcement applications. We provide a "single pane of glass" solution that allows visibility on a single screen of your vehicles, your assets, your personnel, suspect vehicles, aviation assets and even your K9 officers. Our on-premise AVLS solution offers unlimited data storage, real-time update rates, chain-of-custody for GPS data, support of a multitude of devices and complete data privacy and security. SaaS products are also available. Our systems offer full geo-fencing capabilities, alerts and notifications and all of the tools necessary to integrated with CAD / RMS and GIS systems. Most importantly, our products lead the industry in value. Our systems work with GPS devices of all kinds including dash-cams and cellular data modems from Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint, PepLink, CalAmp and others. Full driver behavior and vehicle telemetry support is also provided.

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