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Reactionary Gap is proud to offer law enforcement and military an opportunity to enhance reality-based training via, The Simulated Muzzle Flash System. What makes the product like no other on the market is the ability to train “live fire” while the target simulates a deadly attack by a firearm. The patent pending technology delivers a realistic sight and sound of gunfire, via Bluetooth. The Muzzle Flash Device protrudes through your existing cardboard target wherever on the target you decide or along the outer edge of a steel target. The Muzzle Flash Device is activated by Range Staff using Reactionary Gap’s “Free App.” The sound of gunfire is simulated, via Bluetooth Earbuds or an optional large external Bluetooth speaker. Whichever means of simulating the sound of gunfire is timed perfectly with the Muzzle Flash Device, providing the officer/deputy/operator the ability to work through and within a deadly attack from a firearm. Sound tactics, survival skills and firearm proficiency can be diminished when dealing with high stress incidents, during compressed times. The Simulated Muzzle Flash System allows range staff to create lifelike attacks, assisting officers/deputies/operators to develop skills to survive and eliminate the immediate deadly threat. Create scenarios of the top three incident types where law enforcement is shot or shot at: Traffic Stops; Domestic Violence Calls for Service; and Suspicious Person/Circumstance Calls for Service. Special Units/SWAT Teams can enhance and instill sound tactics by simulating attacks while: clearing staircases, movement in long or complex hallways; actions at the breach; clearing hard corners; or demonstrating AOR’s to list a few examples. Reactionary Gap is owned by a former Chief of Police/SWAT Commander.

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